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Diseases FAQs

What can I do to reduce the risk of catching MRSA?

MRSA is usually contracted by people who have open wounds or sores or are very ill. Predominantly, it is spread by direct skin to skin contact and you may carry MRSA without developing any symptoms, but then pass it on to a more vulnerable person.

Good hand hygiene is essential to reduce the risks of catching and spreading MRSA, so washing hands before and after contact with each client is essential.

Using Mundo Sanitizing Hand Wash, Mundo Sanitizing Hand Gel and Mundo Sanitizing Hand and Foot Spray will ensure your hands are thoroughly sanitised and drastically reduce the risk of you catching or passing on any disease or infection.

What can I do to prevent an outbreak of E.Coli?

The E.Coli bacteria can be passed from one person to another through hand to hand contact and is often the result of poor hand hygiene. If your work involves hand to hand contact with a client, ensure the clients hands are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before treatment and remember to wash your hands with Mundo Sanitizing Wash in between clients and use Mundo Sanitizing Hand Gel or Mundo Sanitizing Hand and Foot Spray.

Is sanitizing my hands throughout the day going to effect my skin?

It is important to practice good hand hygiene at all times. Make sure that the products you use contain ingredients that help protect your skin - such as those offered by Mundo. Should you have very sensitive skin, you may wish to consider using protective gloves - but remember to sanitize your gloves in between clients, or use a new pair.

How can I disinfect my metal tools quickly and effectively in between clients?

It is important to use a highly efficient broad spectrum disinfectant. You must ensure it contains rust inhibitors to prevent damage to your tools or instruments - such as Mundo Rapid Instrument & Tool Disinfectant (effective disinfection in just 5 minutes) or Mundo Power Plus Instrument & Tool Disinfectant. Remember - NOT ALL DISINFECTANTS ARE THE SAME. All Mundo products are amongst the most technically advanced available in the world.

How can I disinfect vinyl upholstery such as that on salon chairs and couches?

Most vinyl is sensitive to alcohol and if you use products containing alcohol you may damage the finish of the furniture. Use a disinfectant that does not contain alcohol such as Mundo Multi Surface Disinfectant Foam or Mundo Multi Surface Disinfectant Wipes.